Some Facts About Tasmania

Aboriginals migrated to Tasmania approximately 20,000 years ago. European contact first occurred in 1642 when Captain Abel Tasman of the Dutch East India Company sighted the rugged West Coast. Following Dutch and French exploration, Van Diemen's Land became a British colony in 1803. It was renamed Tasmania in 1856 and joined the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901.


The population of Tasmania is 472,000. The main centres are Hobart (capital city with 195,500 people), Launceston (98,000), Burnie (18,000) and Devonport (25,000)


Tasmania enjoys a temperate, maritime climate. Nights can be cool throughout the year, so warm clothing is recommended. The average summer temperature is a comfortable 21°C (70°F). Winter's average is 12°C (52°F). Hobart has the nation's second lowest rainfall of all Australian capitals.

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