ACSW 2006 includes a number of conferences and workshops. Details of the individual conferences are listed below. (Note that the "@" character in email addresses below has been replaced with "-at-" as an anti-spam measure. You will need to correct this before sending your email).

Presenters are asked to note the following dates (see the respective conference web sites for submission details).

Submission of abstracts 3 August, 2005
Submission of full papers 19 August, 2005
Notification of authors 3 October, 2005
Final version due 28 October, 2005
Author registration 28 October, 2005

ACSC - Australasian Computer Science Conference

Web Site
Contacts Vlad Estivill-Castro
Gillian Dobbie

ACE - Australasian Computing Education Conference

Web Site

ADC - Australasian Database Conference

Web Site
Contacts Gillian Dobbie
James Bailey

CATS - Computing: The Australasian Theory Symposium

Web Site
Contacts Barry Jay
Joachim Gudmundsson

AUIC - Australasian User Interface Conference

Web Site
Contact Wayne Piekarski

APCCM - Asia-Pacific Conference of Conceptual Modelling

Web Site
Contacts Sven Hartmann
Markus Stumptner

AISW-NetSec - Australasian Information Security Workshop - Network Security

Web Site
Contacts Rei Safavi-Naini
Chris Steketee
Willy Susilo

AUSGRID - Australasian Symposium on Grid Computing and e-Research

Web Site
Note: Some deadlines for this symposium differ from the standard ACSW conference deadlines.See the web site for deadlines.
Contacts Raj Buyya
Tianchi Ma

AWDMDA - Australian Workshop on Data Mining for Defence Applications

This workshop has been cancelled. Papers already submitted to this workshop have been transferred to the AISW-NetSec workshop.


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