ACSC - Australasian Computer Science Conference

Speaker Professor Chris Johnson
University of Utah
Title Biomedical Computing and Visualization

ACE - Australasian Computing Education Conference


Dr. Joe Luca
Edith Cowan University

Title Using Blended Learning to Enhance Teaching and Learning

ADC - Australasian Database Conference


James C. Bezdek
University of West Florida

Title Approximate Data Mining in Very Large Relational Data

CATS - Computing: The Australasian Theory Symposium

Speaker Professor Tetsuo Asano
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Title Computational Geometric and Combinatorial Approaches to Digital Halftoning

AUIC - Australasian User Interface Conference

Speaker Dr. Thomas A. Furness III
University of Washington
Title A Quest For The Ultimate Interface

APCCM - Asia-Pacific Conference of Conceptual Modelling

Speaker Heinrich Mayr
University of Klagenfurt
Title Conceptual Requirements Modelling - a Contribution to XNP (eXtreme Non-Programming)

AISW-NetSec - Australasian Information Security Workshop - Network Security

Speaker Yvo Desmedt
University College London
Title A Secure Internet with Hacked Routers in an Untrusted Network



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